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Have You Ever Seen Your Dog Do THIS? He's Trying To Tell You Something Very Important!

Life sure would be a lot easier if we could just talk to our animal companions.

Most people understand that dogs are happy when they wag their tails, and they're clearly upset when they whimper. However, that's about the extent of the average person's knowledge when it comes to dog body language.

Did you know there are plenty of other cues your dog uses to communicate with you?

If you take the time to learn how your talk is talking to you, you'll be ready to understand your furry friend better than ever!

Many dog owners love having their loyal companions around but completely miss on some of the cues and body language they're trying to send their people.

These are some common dog behaviors and what they mean.

1. Bringing things to you

You may think he's telling you he wants to play fetch when he brings you a favorite toy, but your dog is actually trying to give you a gift. It's a vestigial instinct from their time as wild wolves.

They're trying to give you something they think will help you survive, which is even cuter when you consider that it's a toy. Imagine how baffling it must be when you throw it.

2. Making eye contact

When dogs make eye contact, it's a powerful way of showing affection as long as it's in conjunction with more submissive behavior, like rolling over.

3. Raising one leg

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When you see your dog raising one leg and looking straight ahead, you'd better move it. She's on the hunt. Probably for a squirrel.

4. Hunching to make himself look small

It's a sign the dog is afraid. If there's nothing to be scared of, it means he's probably been abused.

5. Chewing on your belongings

This could be a sign your dog is bored or has separation anxiety. Give her more exercise and some puzzle toys to play with.

6. Sitting on your feet

Dogs sit on your feet and get under you for a number of reasons. It could be that she's trying to be dominant over you or is comforting herself by being close to you.

It could be a possessive move too, as if to say "this human is mine."

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