7 Obvious Signs of an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

They Use Personal Information Against You

There is a difference between being cheeky and rude. If you find yourself justifying their actions instead of letting it go that is a bad indicator. Why are you not getting mad at them for betraying your trust?

We tell our lovers and partners many things in confidence. We strive to find people that nurture our true selves, parts of ourselves we aren't comfortable sharing.

The more freely information flows between people in a relationship the better. Knowing that they don't respect or value your secrets is a definite warning sign.

They Always Use Guilt to Control You

Your partner should never need to hurt you to help you. They will justify their actions by poking holes in your character and reasoning.

Truth doesn't have to be justified or tear down competing ideas. There is always a way to explain or reason with someone without cruelty and judgement.

They Actively Work to Separate You From Your Friends and Family

This is a major and unmistakable sign of malicious intent. The only reasons someone doesn't want you to access your support structure are not healthy and not in your best interests.

Regardless of whether or not your people like your partner, or your partner doesn't like them is a fickle and petty reason to try to disrespect and tear down a relationship you value.

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