This Most Dominant Color You See In This Image Reveals Interesting Details About Your Personality

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Have you ever wondered if the way you perceive the world is the same as how others perceive the world? Obviously everyone perceives the world differently, but how different is it really?

Using examples from the past, such as when the internet exploded into uproar over whether or not a certain dress was black and blue or gold and white, we can see that some people perceive reality similar to others (and get pretty upset when others disagree with their perception of the world).

Color is just one way that we see the world from a unique perspective. And it turns out that certain colors are more dominant in our perception, meaning we can see one color better than almost any other color.

The quiz below has been made to help you figure out which color dominates your brain by asking which color stands out most to you across various naturescape pictures. After taking the quiz, your dominant color will be revealed, along with what it means for your personality!

Colors affect us more than we realize. Be sure to share with friends and family so they can know their dominant color too!