7 Valid Reasons People Fall Out Of Love

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There are moments in our lives where we feel as if the spark in our relationship is no longer there and we would like to believe that there is still something for the both of us to be passionate about but overall we just want to no longer be with this other person anymore.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing when you admit to yourself that you no longer want to be in love with someone.

However, there are a lot of valid reasons why a person would feel this way to begin with which may be the reasons or the cause as to why they wish to continue on in life by themselves.

People fall out of love all of the time, it’s important that we are able to look at the areas in our relationships where we could have improved on but instead decided to ignore those cries for help.

The next time you are in the midst of a breakup or know someone who is going through one of their own, try to keep these seven valid reasons why this person is falling out of love.

1. Being Dishonest

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Unsplash / Parabol | The Agile Meeting Toolbox
Unsplash / Parabol | The Agile Meeting Toolbox

Relationships require that both of you be one hundred percent honest with one another at all times.

There is no excuse for either of you to hold back any kind of feeling, secret, or idea from each other because when you are in a relationship you are basically a team together.

Thinking about yourselves as a team means that you must be able to work together, communicate, and overall be able to tell each other anything that either of you may be feeling.

It’s important to realize that a secret, even just a little one, can destroy your relationship altogether with this person. Honest is very important do not try to hide from the person you wish to be with.

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2. Unable To Let Go Of The Past

One of the biggest reasons why relationships do not work out is if one of you is entirely unable to let go of the past.

If you are truly unwilling to forgive something that they did or something that is long since gone and unable to fix then do not be surprised if this person wants to no longer be with you.

Holding onto things and never letting go can cause you to obtain a lot of resentment towards the other person if you are unable to discuss what makes you upset.

It’s important to recognize that this thing did happen in their past but they are also unable to go back in time and fix that specific moment in their lives. You can either live with it or leave them entirely.

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3. Lack Of Interest

Another really big reason why your partner may be falling out of love is the lack of interest in your relationship with them.

There may have been a time when the both of you were talking to each other until the early hours of the morning and then suddenly you both have hardly anything to say to each other anymore.

This makes them feel as if you no longer have an interest in the things that they have to say or an interest in the things that they would really like to do.

If you are truly unable to have any kind of common interest or the same kind of passion that makes you both smile, then what is the point in being in a relationship that is sapped of happiness all together?

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4. Focusing On Their Insecurities

A valid reason for someone to no longer have interest in a relationship could be due to them feeling extremely insecure around you.

This means that you are a completely different person around other people that you normally wouldn’t behave in such a way if it was only just the two of you there.

This makes them feel like you would rather show them this ugly side of your personality whenever there is no one else around but when you are in a social setting with your friends and could care less for your partner well being then they have a pretty good excuse to feel insecure.

It’s important to keep in mind that our partners deserve praise every single day that we are with them.

5. They Don’t Exist To You Anymore

If you are ignoring your partner for whatever reason, then this makes them feel as if they truly do not exist in your life anymore.

This is a perfectly valid reason for someone to fall out of love. If you do not acknowledge their presence, their words, their advice, their anything at all then do not expect them to want to stay with you very much longer.

If you start treating them more like a distant friend than a close lover, this is an indication that your relationship is no longer alive and that you should just let them go.

Do not waste a person’s time by not even acknowledging their own existence.

6. Dead Communication

If you have let all forms of communication with your partner wither away, then expect them to fall out of love with you instantaneously.

Communication is the basic aspect to every single relationship, if you are unable to communicate with the person you claim to love then what is the point in continuing on in a dead silence with your partner?

There are multiple ways for couples to communicate, even if it means arguing with one another, getting defensive, any kind of form that allows them to express themselves, you need to let them speak their mind.

The only way either of you is able to do anything at all with one another is going to involve a lot of communication and if there is none then you might as well cease being with them all together.

Hopefully, these valid reasons have put a mindful perspective into your head about relationships and what it means to be in love with another person.

Again, if there is no communication between you two then do not expect the relationship to last very long.

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