5 Things About Introverts Other People Just Don’t Understand

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1. Being introverted doesn’t necessarily make you shy or awkward.

I’m an introvert. I recharge my batteries with my time alone, but I like to drain those batteries at concerts, parties, bars and with friends. I’m not awkward and I’m sure not shy. I may not be a pro at networking or making tons of friends, but I’m not awkward.

2. Big crowds can be overwhelming but…

That doesn’t mean we aren’t up for a show. We probably just don’t want to attend the afterparty too. When it comes to big crowds, we need a little bit of recovery time before we’re good to go again. See you in a few days!

3. Introverts just can’t tolerate people all the time.

But we do love people who are closes to us. Most introverts are actually drained by being around others for extended periods of time. They just don’t thrive around others.

4. Introverts can be as chatty as anyone.

As long as we have something good to talk about with someone whose company we enjoy. If we’re not speaking, it means we have little or nothing to add to the conversation.

5. Introverts can have plenty of friends.

But often don’t. For us, friends are about quality, not quantity. We keep a few people close to us, but not always. Don’t stereotype us as friendless weirdos. We’re friendly as heck!

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