6 Things Only Women Who Don't Wear Makeup Will Understand

They know how to appreciate themselves.

There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup if that's what you'd like to do, but women who don't bother with makeup know that their way is fine too. They appreciate themselves for who they are, imperfections and all.

Of course, it's possible for women who wear makeup to appreciate themselves too. Putting on makeup can be fun!

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They save time.

It can be a lot of fun to throw on some makeup before hitting the town, but every morning before work? Hey, if you're sitting under a bunch of fluorescent lights for eight hours a day five days a week, why make yourself up for that? It's kind of a waste of time.

They save money.

Makeup gets pretty expensive, and women who don't wear any of it find themselves saving a pretty good amount of money. It's pretty nice!

Their self-confidence is strong.

Wearing makeup because you like it is one thing, but many women wear makeup because they don't feel totally comfortable in their own skin. Women who don't wear makeup have high self confidence.

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