Double Standards For Men And Women That Still Exist

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We might have come a long way in creating some sort of equality between the way men and are women are treated, but let’s face it. We’re not quite there. From the way we are conditioned to the way we act, many of us still feel bound to a certain set of expectations, or limited by standards and stereotypes.

Here are some of the most common double standards that both men and women still need to face today that may be in the way of our full potential.

The Role of A Woman Vs A Man

woman eats with a spoon

Pablo Merchán Montes / Unsplash

Pablo Merchán Montes / Unsplash

“Daughters are raised and taught to clean and cook while sons get cleaned up after. My mother got upset with me when I suggested my younger brother learn to take out the trash or do a single chore. When I was his age, I was cooking and cleaning and helping take care of him while getting good grades in school and doing extracurriculars.”—u/ItsD_D

Sure, women can now go work the job of their dreams, but they are still expected to come home and clean up after their husbands and kids too. It becomes draining of women’s energy.

Being Paid Equally

man typing on his laptop on a bridge

Avi Richards / Pexels

Avi Richards / Pexels

Unfortunately, national surveys keep on revealing that women are earning less than men., a woman working a full-time, year-round job only makes 81.1% of what her male coworkers do.

This data was provided by Census Bureau, and also indicates that it takes women an extra 100 days to earn what a man makes in a year. Think of the all levels of growth that women could reach if they were given the opportunity.

Being Emotional

man is sad and holding his head

Nathan Cowley / Pexels

Nathan Cowley / Pexels

“When a woman cries, it’s viewed as normal. When a man cries, he’s told to man up.” MinutesTaker / Reddit

Some men are still conditioned into thinking that showing emotion is a sign of weakness. They grow up thinking that they need to pretend to be completely unphased to be a “real man.” Instead, they label women as “too emotional” simply for being human.

The Fashion Industry

Men get pockets big enough to hold all their stuff while women get fake pockets that are sewn shut or a micro pocket that can’t fit anything.” – surebegrandlike / Reddit

You can tell who is the target for consuming fashion the second you walk into a uni-sex clothing store only to realize all three floors are for women’s clothing and the one corner in the back is for men. Clothes can be empowering, but the push towards them can break women.

Complimenting Appearance Vs Accomplishments

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keegan henman / Unsplash

keegan henman / Unsplash

“Women rarely get complimented for the things men get complimented for: assertiveness, accomplishments, or basically any intentional act. While men rarely get complimented for the things that women get complimented for: their appearance or personality characteristics that make others feel good.”—PTSDaway / Reddit

Not to mention when women do try to prove their accomplishments, they get told they’re being too “bossy.”

The Standard Of Beauty Vs Dad Bods

woman applies lipstick

Damir Spanic / Unsplash

Damir Spanic / Unsplash

“Dad bods” are considered attractive, and allow for men to freely sport a few extra pounds without any embarrassment.

Yet women are still expected to follow the next diet trend and lose their baby weight through all kinds of regimens. We haven’t normalized “mom bods” yet.

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