Dr. Araujo: This Easy Test Will Tell You The State Of Your Health And How Long You'll Live

To some extent at least, this simple can give you an idea of your overall health and how long you may expect to live. It was created originally by a team of Brazilian doctors, most notably Claudio Gil Araujo. It was first tested out on athletes and has since been used to test the overall health of others. It's becoming more and more popular.

Araujo noticed that many people, particularly older people, had problems with ordinary movements. Difficulty with these movements meant that there were losses in flexibility, balance, and muscle. So he set out to create a test that would give people an idea of their physical state.

One study, originally published in the European Journal of Cardiology, tested around 2000 people, between the ages of 51 and 80. People with fewer than 8 points had a higher chance dying in the next six years than those who scored higher.

Here's how to take the test:

  1. Start by taking off your shoes and putting on comfortable, perhaps baggy clothing.
  2. Don't lean on or touch anything. Put your body in a sitting position as shown in the photo below.
  3. Get up the same way you sat down.

Completing the task equals 5 points. If you sit without the use of your hands, five points. If you stand without using your hands, another five. If you use your hands doing either, deduct one point.

Scoring above 8 is great! Scoring below 8 could indicate some serious problems on the way.

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