This Man Built His Dream Home In Under 6 Weeks For Only $9,000

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What’s your idea of a dream home? A big, palatial space for you and your family on a huge lot? Well, for Steve Areen, all he needed with a small space in Thailand to be happy, and it only cost $9,000 to make it.

Steve was offered a little land on a friend’s mango farm to build his dream home. His idea was simple, inviting, and sustainable. He put it up over the course of six weeks using cement and clay bricks. It took an extra $3,000 to fully furnish the home.

Steve is one of a legion of people who are sick of poorly built McMansions and want to live a little more sustainably with the earth. They’re building smaller, off-grid homes with reliable materials found in nature. Steve’s home is an absolute masterpiece of engineering.

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