In My Dreams, I Don’t Work

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1. You make nothing for your time off.

Let’s say you have an online shop instead of a job. Sure, you work for a while every day packing things up for shipment and sending them on their way, but when you go to bed, the orders still come in, right?

If you had a traditional job, you clock out and your earning potential is zero.

2. You get back your freedom.

When you have a job, you lose a good chunk of your freedom.

You work 30-50 hours a week which takes you away from your home life, your hobbies, your friends, and keeps you from experiencing the world. When you work for yourself, you gain back your freedom.

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3. Your income can be unstable.

I guess you can say that for working for yourself too, but when you’re under someone else’s thumb, there can be permanent cuts to wages, and you can be laid off really at any time.

You may have a tough month with your own business, but you can always bounce back.

4. You don’t have to worry about being a puppet.

Boss comes from the Dutch word, ‘baas,’ which translates to ‘master.’ It’s a little bit unsettling. Working for some big company is in a way a sort of slavery.

5. You don’t beg for money.

“Can I have a raise?” doesn’t leave your mouth when you work for yourself. If you want to make more, you have to unleash your creativity and hard working spirit, not depend on some department head to give you what you need.

6. You can have different social outlets.

When you work 40 hours a week, you spend about as much time with your coworkers as you do with your family. That’s kind of strange to me. When you work for yourself, you’re free to be with your family and friends more.

7. You don’t complain so much.

Employed people complain about everything, but there’s never any real solution. They blame others for their problems but don’t speak up themselves. It’s kind of cowardly.

When you work for yourself, you only answer to yourself (and your customers if you have them.)

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