7 Things Your Dreams Are Trying To Warn You About

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Dreams are a complex topic with deep implications. Sometimes they seem to be random nerve firings and images, other times we feel a strong connection.

You can feel if a dream is important and it takes an open mind to interpret potential meanings. Dreams are direct expression and metaphors of ourselves. They can relate to hidden aspects of ourself.

Future Possibilities

Dreams can indicate future possibilities. Deja vu is when we dream about a situation or place and then later experience the same (or very close) situation. Dreams can show us what we want to see or fear. It is important to remember that the future is always in motion and your dreams are only so accurate.

The State Of Your Mind

Dreams come from the depths of our minds. The metaphors and images it creates are direct expressions of different aspects of ourselves, even parts we aren’t aware of.

Your Health

Dreams can indicate our health in different aspects, spiritually, mentally and physically. We are very in tune with the different aspects of our health, though we aren’t always consciously aware of it. Dreams where there is a car are indicative of your health. Pay attention to the state of the car, the people in it, and where it is going.

How You Are Using Your Creativity And Imagination

Dreams incorporate different parts of our minds and creativity. Artists and inventors have attributed dreams for breakthroughs in design and expression. Dreams give our subconscious minds the ability to express and interact with different formations. Dreams can reveal any of the infinite perspectives we are capable of acknowledging.

The Roots Of Your Habits

If you dream about animals often, your inner self is trying to communicate to you the truth about your habits. Animals are wild and instinctive, depicting our inner base desires and needs. A dream where you are being attacked or chased by an animal is normally indicative of our submission to certain habits. Us controlling or productively interacting with the animal is indicative of us controlling our habits.

Choices In Expression

Our dream clothes are expressions of our choices in the waking world. Brightly colored loose clothing is indicative of us being playful, happy and childlike in our mindset. Being naked means we are comfortable with ourselves. If you find yourself wearing a suit or work clothes show us that we are very goal, business or work oriented.

The Trend Of Our Growth

Death in dreams shows the end a habit, cycle or aspect of ourselves. It is important to pay attention to who has ‘died’ and how they ‘died’. These details will help us link the metaphor to the particular formation that is changing within us.

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