Dreaming About Falling? Here Are 5 Falling Dreams Decoded

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It’s fascinating what the brain can do on a subconscious level. Dreams tend to reveal what the conscious might either hide in its own protection, or just has not had a chance to process. Dreams about falling often signify a feeling of a loss of control.

Fear, anxiety, and trauma can create some of the most vivid dreams. When we feel like we’re losing grip, we feel like we’re falling into the pit of the unknown. To find out how to interpret your dream of falling specifically, look for clues and decode it using the five following interpretations.

Tripping And Falling

woman reaching her hand while horizontal on a rock

Noah busher / Unsplash

Noah busher / Unsplash

Use this interpretation if your fall did not involve heights. If you’re simply tripping over something and falling, such as putting one foot in front of the other only to find nothing to stand it on, then your mind is trying to warn you. Your subconscious is telling you that you’re losing your footing.

You might be worried about falling behind, either in life’s progress or your career. This could also indicate anxiety over making the wrong move, especially if you’re expected to take the next step in an event or task soon.