Driving In A New City Quiz – Relational Personality Quiz

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Picture yourself driving around in a new city with someone close to you. Someone like a spouse, partner, family member or friend. You’re not at all familiar with the roads. You’ve followed your partner’s directions and you’ve ended up lost. What is your most likely response?

A. “Hey, I thought you knew how to get there!”

B. “No worries. This has been a fun drive. Let’s figure out the right way together.”

C. “I should have been paying attention. I thought we took a wrong turn back there but I didn’t want to say anything. This is partially my fault.”

What do your answers indicate?

If your answer was more like A, you tend not to be a forgiving person. You might tend to assign responsibility to others and not take accountability when things go wrong. You tend to be a stern leader and dislike being inconvenienced.

If your answer was B, you tend to be a little more easygoing. You consider the people in your life equal to yourself and you’re ready to tolerate mistakes. You firmly understand the golden rule: treat others as you’d like to be treated.

If your answer resembled C, you tend to be self-accusatory and may bend over backwards to accommodate the people in your life. Your relationships may be sweet but there may be insecurity just underneath the surface of it all.

How accurate were your results? Let us know in the discussion below.
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