Dying Father Fights Death Just Long Enough To Meet His Daughter Once​

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It is never easy to let go of a loved family member. Even when you know when they will pass, there is no way to actually prepare yourself for the moment of goodbye. Part of you knows that at least they no longer have to suffer, but that doesn’t make it any easier to picture a life without them.

For this young family, tragedy and heartbreak struck when just about when they were to gain a new life and give birth to a newborn baby, they found out that the father would be dying of cancer and there was nothing they could do to stop it. Their only wish was for the two to have a moment to meet before letting the father pass on. So, he held on for as long as possible and fought pain and death itself just to get to meet his daughter. Here is their heartbreaking but beautiful story.

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From Best Friends To Lovers

Brett and Nicola pose for photo outdoors

standuptocancerUK / Youtube

standuptocancerUK / Youtube

Nicola met her husband Brett when they were newly qualified teachers. They bonded over their passion for teaching, love for children and quickly became best friends. At first, they were nothing more than friends, two people who supported one another and cared for each other. But, it didn’t take long for them to realize that the love they shared for one another ran deeper than friendship, and they fell in love.

Not long after the couple married and as most stories go, soon found out that they would be adding another member to their newly founded family. The couple couldn’t wait to have their own child after spending so much time nurturing the children of others. Soon they welcome not one, but two daughters.

Nicola described Brett as a perfect father and said: “she said that he had “always wanted to be a dad and was such a good dad.”