If You See Someone Who Has This THIS Type Of Piercing, Here's What It Means

How it works

The 'Daith' piercing has been around for thousands of years, but it got its official name sometime around the 90s. The cartilage closest to the canal of the ear is where this piercing is located, looking as though the piercing actually enters the ear if seen from a distance.

Acupuncture practices actually use this specific part of the ear as a pressure point if a person is plagued by migraines.

By piercing this part of the ear, blood vessels around the pierced location are opened up, helping to stimulate blood flow to connected tissues.

While any research on daith piercings and migraine relief has yet to be published, numerous people have noted a decrease in migraines after having this piercing done on them.

So, if you have terrible chronic migraines and love body modifications, a daith piercing might be in your future!

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