Earth Is Suddenly Spinning Faster, And Just Had Its Shortest Day Ever, But Why? Experts Explain

We’ve all experienced days where it feels like time is flying right over our heads. The busier we get, the less time it feels like there is, and the more bored we are, the slower time passes.

They say time is a social construct, but according to science, the speed that a day surpasses is actually related to how Planet Earth and the galaxies in space are functioning. If you’ve been feeling on a time crunch lately, scientists can explain why.

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The Earth’s Rotation

The concept of daytime and nighttime that has shaped the routine of human society for billions of years is a product of how the earth functions. Scientists explain that the structure of a clock follows the pattern of how long it takes the Earth to fully spin in a single day.

A close-up photo of planet earth against a black sky.
NASA / Unsplash
NASA / Unsplash

Typically, it takes the Planet 24 hours to complete a full turn, which we watch happen as we pass through the day, waking up at sunset and going to sleep past sunrise. However, it seems that this theory of time is subject to change …