Earth’s “Gate To Hell” May Finally Be Extinguished And Closed After 50 Years

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There is a gaping hole in the desert that has been burning nonstop since 1971. The fire is vivid coming through it in flames that would burn anything that came their way. It is what we picture when we think of the “gates of hell.” A place that burns so hot, it aches, is uncomfortable, and where no soul would want to live eternally.

The fiery glow of the Gates Of Hell can be seen for miles around, reminding us to live life to the fullest now, because we really don’t know what happens when we leave this earth. If we go to a hell that is anything similar to this, we’re doomed. However, even this gate to Hell might be ordered to close soon, after 50 years of unleashing its fire.

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It Started With An Accident

Giles Clarke/ Getty Images

Giles Clarke/ Getty Images

The gates of hell and the crater surrounding it were formed in the early 1970s. Soviet scientists were on an oil expedition in the region when suddenly as they were drilling down, the ground collapsed. In good faith, the scientists were worried that dangerous gases would be released into the atmosphere. In order to prevent the spread of the natural gas, they lit the giant hole on fire. What they didn’t expect was that it would just keep on burning and never stop. It’s been five decades since, and it’s been burning just as hot ever since.

The crater itself is 69 meters wide, 30 meters deep, and can reach temperatures of over 1,000C in certain spots. Keep in mind that the temperature that marks the upper limit of what the human body can handle is 35 Celsius any temperature above 30 Celsiuscan be dangerous and deadly