10 Things Authentic People Do Differently

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When you encounter an authentic person, you’re meeting someone who has learned to live fully through their own soul.

They haven’t chosen a scripted life where societal pressures tell them what to do. They are the definition of liberated people, and there’s a good reason they’re drawn to you.

It’s not easy to become authentic. You often have to reevaluate your whole entire life and come up with a new way of existing. Old jobs may not fit, old friends may feel out of place, but don’t worry, you’re growing into an authentic person.

What do truly authentic people do differently?

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1. They say what’s on their minds and voice their opinions firmly, but not with anger.

A woman looking forward seriously among some leaves.
Unsplash / Some Tale
Unsplash / Some Tale

Some people may not disagree, but that doesn’t matter to authentic people.

2. They choose a career path that they enjoy.

Not what their parents or friends believe is right for them. They make their choices based on happiness, not money.