This Is How You Can Build A Completely Self-Sustaining, Off-Grid Home

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Climate change, sustainability, and energy are quickly becoming enormous problems. Our power grid is unbelievably susceptible to terrorist hacking attacks that could shut off our power for weeks, if not months.

It’s one of the reasons that off-grid homes are becoming more and more popular. One of the home designs is called the earthship.

They may seem like a crazy way to live, but there are a number of reasons you should consider living in an earthship.

They utilize a free water recycling system, they enable you grow more food for free, you eradicate numerous bills, they only cost about $20,000 to build, and they really open your eyes to a different way of thinking about the environment.

Earthships catch water that falls as rain and brings it in through a series of pipes. The water is then filtered and made suitable for drinking. The water that goes down the drain is collected as greywater, which is sent to a solar septic tank and heated by the sun. This water can be saved for non-potable uses.

Earthships often come with greenhouses and land, making them ideal for growing your own food. making you and your family even safer from possible issues with society. Add a pond for growing fish and some chickens and you’ve got a pretty good system going with your food.

Earthships are powered almost exclusively by the sun and the wind. Wind collected by solar panels and wind turbines on site are stored in batteries, usually kept on the roof. Earthships are usually hooked up to the grid too, just in case additional energy is needed, but that is incredibly rare.

More and more, earthships are popping up around the world. It’s easy to understand why.