Why It’s Important To Always Express your Gratitude In The Current Moment

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There are women who love you so much that they do not always know what is best for themselves. They will let you make mistakes over and over again.

This kind of woman will wait for you, not out of ignorance, but because she believes that you can improve and grow as a person. She wants to be there for you. She will give you chance after chance as you try to find your way.

But the truth is that the type of woman who will wait for you to get your sh*t together will also reach her limit. Maybe in the movies, women in love wait forever.

But in real life, once she is done, she is done forever. She will no longer able to be optimistic about your future together. She knows that she deserves the best, just like you deserve the best.

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She will eventually realize that you are not worth her time or effort, because you did not have your sh*t together. She will begin to see that you take her energy and time for granted.

This is a woman who truly knows her worth. Once she has changed her mind about you, it will be impossible to win her back. She gave you too many chances.

It’s important to be accountable for your actions. Just because a woman has tolerated your nonsense before does not mean she will tolerate it the next time. Do not mistake her patience for permission. She deserves to be treated well.

Trial And Error

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There’s no rule saying that someone has to tolerate a person who fails to take responsibility for their actions. No one deserves the stress. Relationships require work, but they should be a source of comfort and happiness.

This woman stayed with you through difficult times. She stuck with you and believed in you. She saw you at your worst and still decided to not give up. But you did not realize what you had until it was too late.

This woman knew every part of your soul and decided to stay, until you pushed her too far. Her kindness reached its limit. You have to accept that you took her kindness for granted.

That kind of patience and faith is not easy to find. She believed that you could become a better person, and it’s true, you can. Once you get your sh*t together, you will find someone else.

But you will always wonder whether this new person’s love is as unconditional, if they would have tolerated you at your low points the way that this woman did while you were dating her.

She knows everything about you and she stuck with you. Or at least, she did for a while.

It will be hard to accept that your actions pushed her away. It might seem selfish that she has left you, but she needed to find a way to get what was best for herself.

She had her own priorities that you were not paying attention to. You have to meet someone in the middle in a relationship, and she felt like she was putting in too much and not getting enough.

She really did put everything she had into the relationship, honoring you and respecting you. She stuck with you at low points, over and over again, but it finally became too much. She saw you in dark times and brought you happiness. But no one can do that forever if she does not feel fulfilled.

You will regret not treating her right when you had the chance. You will miss the way that she treated you. But she deserves love. She deserves more than what you were capable of giving her.

But you broke her heart because you did not realize how important she was. You will come to understand how she felt and what happened. With more time it will make more sense.

She knows that she will find someone that values her for all that she is worth. Who truly loves her. She isn’t going to wait anymore to find her happiness. She deserves to be respected.

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