Eight Presidents Believed The White House Was Haunted, Here’s What They Saw

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We all know many famous haunted houses from stories and movies. The House of Frankenstein, Dracula’s Castle, and Hill House are fictional buildings that are home to horrifying made-up monsters. While these make-belief locations are scary enough to send chills down our spine, they’re not as scary as living inside a real ghost-inhabited home.

Many famous politicians have lived and died inside the White House, leaving 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue cursed with the spirits of its old and powerful inhabitants …

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Jared Broach And The Nightly Spirits

Jared Broach and his company, “The Nightly Spirits,” lead tours across America’s most creepy and haunted sights. When the company first started, the White House was his main touring spot. Broach is a firm believer in the existence of ghosts, and the report of ghost-sightings from eight different presidents makes the case for the White House undeniable.

The front of the White House on a cloudy day.
Edoardo Cuoghi / Unsplash
Edoardo Cuoghi / Unsplash

He once said: “The White House has the best ghost stories, and I’d call them the most verified … we could do a 10-hour tour if we really wanted to.” Here are some of those stories: