Watch this baby elephant rescue a man she thought was in danger

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Before you get too concerned, this footage is from Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park. Home to several rescued elephants who have been saved from the ivory and tourism industry. They are safe and protected.

The video below shows the amazing moment when an adorable elephant cub broke away from the herd in order to help a man she thought was drowning.

Many people believe wild animals have no interest in humans, but this heart-warming video shows quite the opposite!

The baby elephant in the video goes by the name of Kham Lha. You can see her grazing on the river bank with the other elephants when she notices her human companion floating in the water.

Assuming he was in danger, the little one rushed into the water to rescue him. However, you can clearly see in the video that the man was swimming fine and did not need any assistance.

Even though the man was alright, watching Kham Lha hold the man by her trunk is cute beyond belief! At the end of the video you can see the man thank her and give her a joyful hug. Their bond is remarkable.

Here is the full video for your enjoyment!

Kham Lha was brought to the Thailand Elephant Nature Park back in 2015. This is not the first time their special bond has gained international attention!

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