This Is How To Identify Emotional Abuse Before It Actually Happens

Recognize when constantly hanging out is a dominating scheme.

When you start dating someone, it can be so exciting to spend time with them. You might find yourself wanting to spend endless time with them in fact! But if it comes down to them not wanting to meet your friends or preferring that you don't go have dinner with your family, this is a sign that they are...

Creating isolation.

One way emotional abusers keep their victims is check is by isolating them from the people and things they love. They make threats about what they'll do if they're left alone and demand that you stay with them. They may also talk about how selfish you're being. This is emotional abuse.


Jealousy seems normal and natural to many people because they consider it a sign that their partner loves them so much. Jealousy is rooted in insecurity, however. It's a toxic feeling to have and in many cases, it can end up in emotional abuse. When you're 15 minutes late getting home from work and your partner DEMANDS to know where you were, it's a type of abuse. It's overstepping a fine line.


You talk about issues in your relationship and they say things like "If you leave me, you're responsible for what I do," or "I'll kill myself if you go." This is a type of emotional abuse. It's manipulation. It's them trying to abuse you into conforming to all the things they want.

Lacking any respect for you.

If your partner obviously doesn't respect you, your ambitions, and your property, then they don't respect you as a person. Disrespecting you, telling you that you can't accomplish your goals or damaging your property without care is a type of emotional abuse.

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