7 Signs You’re The Victim of an Emotional Manipulator

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Emotional manipulation happens much more often than we realize. We have probably all been guilty of it at some point, in small subconscious ways at least. This is a far cry however, from the purposeful and likely malicious emotional manipulation of a chronic abuser.

These individuals are practiced in their skill and have done their research.

They know exactly what to say or do to push your buttons and get whatever they want out of you.

It is essential to be able to discern the behavior of an emotional manipulator so that you can avoid the emotional trauma and permanent damage they cause.

1. They make you feel guilty for their transgressions.

An emotional manipulator is always a master of placing blame.

They will find ridiculously convoluted ways to blame anyone and everyone, and most likely you, for all of their shortcomings.

If they stood you up for an appointment, it’s because you didn’t give them a clear time, if they forget for the 100th time to bring back the textbook they borrowed from you it’s because you didn’t remind them before they left the house.

No matter what it is, you’ll end up apologizing for something they’ve failed to do.