This Short Set Of Questions Will Help You Discover Your Emotional Pain-Body

Eckart Tolle once spoke of an emotional pain-body. Apprehension, self-hate, remorse, rage, envy, and other negative emotions are a representation of the pain-body. All emotional pains suffered during your life fall within the pain-body.

In many people, the pain-body is either dormant or active. Some events may trigger it to wake up or go back to sleep. A great way to measure the activity of your pain-body currently, take the following quiz:

Answers: 1 = virtually never, 2 =sometimes, 3 = frequently, 4 = almost always.

The Pain-Body Quiz:

  1. I can be mad for no reason
  2. I harbor resentment against others
  3. I am easily angered
  4. I feel serious remorse
  5. I am impatient with other people
  6. I become depressed without any reason
  7. People make me anxious
  8. I am overcome by self-pity
  9. I am often overcome by my emotions
  10. I have negative ideas about myself
  11. I have envy for others
  12. I am easily offended by others
  13. Small, insignificant things trigger intensive emotions in me
  14. I am often overcome by my emotions unexpectedly
  15. I am not happy
  16. I am able to control my emotions well
  17. I can forget about old offenses
  18. When I realize that an emotions overcomes me, I am able to consciously suppress it
  19. I am able to contemplate my emotions like an outsider
  20. I do not identify with my emotions, I simply allow them to happen
  21. When I am suffering emotionally, I do not escape, I make efforts to consciously face the emotion concerned
  22. I am able to focus my attention on the present, instead of re-living old emotions
If you scored between 15 and 30, your pain-body is weaker than most people. You may consider it in a resting state.
If you scored between 31-45, your pain-body is normal. You have tranquil periods and at times get fired up.
If you scored 46-60, you possess a very strong pain body, activating itself easily and taking control of your life.

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