5 Signs Your Partner Is An Emotional Vampire

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They play the victim constantly.

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Pheelings Media / Getty Images Via Canva Pro
Pheelings Media / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

No matter what happens, they’re the poor embattled victim. They get fired from a job and they’re the victim. Spat with a friend? They’re the victim. They’re always the one bullied by the world. It’s a very clear sign of an energy vampire.

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They are so into themselves.

It’s okay to take care of yourself and respect yourself and your appearance, but these folks are different. They LOVE themselves and everything they do. They’re always the best. They’re always the cutest. They don’t handle critiques well, that’s for sure.

They tend to be dramatic.

When things don’t go exactly their way, they tend to freak out and fly off the rails, hoping to paint themselves as the victim and make you feel guilty. That guilt is what they feed on.

They control everything.

As we mentioned before, energy vampires tend to try to control every little thing about their lives and yours. They get off on knowing they’re the boss of everything.

They don’t listen.

Easily the most frustrating part of loving an energy vampire is the fact that they don’t listen. They feign listening but are really only waiting for their turn to talk.

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