10 Ways To Protect Yourself From An Emotional Vampire

In this modern age we have seen and categorized thousands of personality types. Understanding how individuals interact with one another helps us navigate and contribute to our communities.

There is a category of people known as emotional or spiritual vampires. These people absorb the emotions and energy of their victims. They are not always aware of their effect on others, so use caution in dealing with them.

They usually try to inspire negativity in others as it is the easiest form of manipulation. They can also feed of positivity. They have very low vibrations and are attracted to higher vibrational energy sources. They will try to make others feel bad in order to make themselves feel better. If you come across these personalities, use these techniques to defend yourself.

Don't Engage Any Feelings Of Pity For Them

This personality type specialized in promoting particular emotional responses from people. They will try to appear as a victim to get you to pity them and feel bad. Don't fall for this, stop yourself as best you can from feeling that way and step away.

If you really want to help this person, or aren't sure if there is an ulterior motive, there is a way to check. After they let you know what is going on, try to comfort them and offer solutions. If they are refusing to be consoled and are not engaging in fixing the situation, then you should take that as an indication to leave.

Eat and Sleep Well

Making sure our bodies are up to the strain of life is crucial for being healthy and safe. Always listen to your body and answer its needs.

Recharge After Being Around Them

Make sure that you take the time to drink some water, eat, or relax after dealing with a vampire. They try to twist people up. It's important that you undo anything thing they have affected you with before you proceed with your day. Never underestimate the extent that they can affect you, sometimes it is quite subtle.

Avoid Them If You Are Feeling Low Or Vulnerable

NEVER engage an emotional vampire if you are not feeling 100 percent. Even under perfect circumstances, they can drag a person down to their level. If you are feeling depressed, vulnerable, or agitated, deal with those feelings before talking to them. They will just make it harder to recover from what is currently going on.

Help Them

This option is really only available in certain circumstances. It will be up to you to test the validity of their desire to change. It could be a ploy to drain more energy and get more attention. Positivity, appreciation and loving acknowledgement will have to be encouraged on their end to change their behavior. As the process ramps up, take lots of time to rest as it will be draining.

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