10 Ways To Protect Yourself From An Emotional Vampire


Like most negative formations, the best way to deal with them is to acknowledge them for what they are, smile and send compassionate feelings their way, then release them. They will not be ready for this positive burst, and while they are disarmed, you are free to leave.

Stay Positive While Around Them

Assure yourself constantly if stuck around a vampire. Repeat mantras of love and appreciation towards yourself. Do not put them down in your head, as this will accent your actions and feed them inadvertently.


Use meditation to bolster your internal defenses and replenish anything ;lost' in your confrontation. Be sure to keep the focus positive and on you. Don't try to 'lower' or put down the vampire, as it will just feed them.

Cleanse Your Aura

Defending yourself from an spiritual attacker can dirty or deplete the strength of your aura. There are many techniques to clear and recharge it: taking a bath, burning sage, meditation, sunbathing, self assuring mantras or eating. Even just sitting can help as long as you are acknowledging the healing process. Mindfulness is the key.

Use Visual Techniques

In the realm of emotions and thoughts, there are visualization techniques that can protect you in many situations. Imagine a golden light emitting from your core and head. Intensify the light.

After it becomes as bright as you can get it, mold it around you like a bubble. You can even use our hand to 'zip' up the edges. After you leave the dangerous situation, 'unzip' the bubble so your energy can flow naturally again.

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