6 Signs Your Partner Is Emotionally Unavailable

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You seem to get mixed messages.

One day they seem like they’re all about you. The next day, they’re a little more tepid towards you. They want you to move in, then they don’t want you to move in. Emotionally unavailable people will think about practicality, then feelings, then practicality then feelings. It doesn’t make for a good partnership.

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They consider themselves first.

It’s okay to consider yourself first for certain things, but in a relationship, it’s a collaborative effort. If they seem to only think of themselves and take action without consulting you, they may not be emotionally available.

They want your body but they ignore your soul.

Being with them feels more like a hookup than making love. They ask you to come over then get annoyed if you stay. This is a classic sign of an emotionally unavailable partner.

They don’t seem to want to fully commit.

Don’t confuse emotional unavailability with simply not being ready. It’s a fine line to walk. There is clearly a time though where they should commit and they won’t. It takes two to tango here. If you’re ready and they won’t, it may be time to move on.

You can’t read them.

Emotionally distant people are sometimes hard to read because emoting toward you isn’t really a high priority for them. They aren’t invested in you in any meaningful way.

They don’t want you to meet their friends.

Come on. Red flag here big time.

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