3 Emotions That Psychopaths And Narcissists Use To Manipulate Others


Anger is one of the worst emotions you can express because it leaves you open to attack from others. When you're mad, you tend to be unstable, act crazily, and are easy to manipulate by others in your life. But there are things you can do to stop them.

If you're mad, work through that anger on your own. Don't lash out in anger. Don't fight with people and argue needlessly. Don't let the psychopaths out there find those points of weakness and use them against you. Defend yourself, even in states of anger.

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On the flip side, happiness can also be used against you by a manipulator. Many times, especially when you're engaged romantically with a manipulator, they'll help you to feel happy then use that happiness, and what they did to make you happy, against you.

They'll start doing things like insisting you do exactly what they say, otherwise they might leave you and take that happiness with them. It's always sad when this kind of manipulation occurs, but you have to be strong, face it down, and leave it behind.


Jealousy might actually be a more reckless emotion than anger, as it tends to manifest deep within and is almost always looked down on. Jealousy opens you up to a manipulator creating fake fights between you and other parties, thus serving their agenda.

When you feel jealous feelings bubbling up, don't let them turn you into a paranoid victim. Instead, think through the jealousy. Talk to the people involved. Be open. Be transparent. It's easy to use a jealous person because they often hide their jealousy. Take away their power by getting it out in the open.

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