5 Things You Need To Remember If Your Partner Is An Empath

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They need lovers who are honest.

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Dishonesty doesn’t work for an empath. Even if they’re never intended to “find out” the deception, they’ll often feel it in subtle actions you take.

This is a small torture for them knowing something is up but not getting a straight answer. Be honest and forthright the first time.

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You should understand they’ve been heartbroken.

The empath you love has probably been heartbroken a time or two in their lives and should be treated sensitively when it comes to the pace and speed things happen between you two. Don’t rush them. They’ll come around on their own time.

They often can’t articulate how they feel.

An empath’s emotions are incredibly complex things. Often so much so they have trouble articulating to you how they feel. Give them space. Be understanding.

They’re intense.

Empaths have a tendency to be fairly intense people. They don’t mean it, but they feel everything so deeply it comes just kind of naturally to them. If they’re being exceptionally intense, give a little bit of space. If they need you, stay close.

They’re here to give light and love.

Go into the world with them and do good!

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