5 Unique Qualities Of An Enlightened Partner

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They exist in the moment.

Your partner may plan for the future, like retirement, but they also exist firmly in the moment. They recognize that this moment with you is the only moment that they’re promised. They could be dead a minute later. It really makes it important to live in each moment.

They look you in the eyes.

Not just when they talk but when they listen too. They want to connect with your soul, and the eyes are the gateway to the soul. All they want is for you to feel a connection.

Sex isn’t just primal.

The sex may be intense, but it’s not just about the release. It’s also about the experience. When you’ve connected with an enlightened partner, sex isn’t just about the physical, but it’s emotional and spiritual too.

They don’t care just for themselves.

They certainly take care of themselves but they aren’t always just in it for themselves. They take care of the people in their lives; friends, family, and yes, their partners too. They take things slow and do the best they can by people.

They have stunning energy about them.

It’s like from the moment you met them you were dawn in. Your energy just seems to meld so well with theirs. They have a way about them that’s hard to explain. They’re just…enlightened!

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