On September 22nd, 2016 There Will Be A Major Energy Shift – Equinox On The Cusp Of Virgo/Libra

Do not be concerned if you find yourself wanting to reflect this time of change. You will undoubtedly feel a desire for change as your energy re-aligns with Mother Earth.

This year, 2016, has been a year for endings; for things coming to a close. Through September, this time for endings will continue, and might even get ramped up a bit, as the Equinox gives us the power to embrace new beginnings by letting go of things that no longer serve us.

The people in the Northern half of our planet will work to rid themselves of self-destructive patterns by letting go of fears, worries and stresses.

People in the Southern half of our planet will be hit with a burst of creativity and energy. This will help fuel them with inspiration, and the drive needed to progress their creative ideas, endeavors and dreams.

When the Universe wishes to communicate with us, it does so through nature. This means it's incredibly important to really tune into what you're feeling and what kind of energy is being given to you.

Be sure to never resist or fight against change, especially during the Equinox. The Equinox is a strong reminder that change and transformation are both fundamental parts of life. To resist it is to deny this fundamental truth.

Life in the Northern hemisphere would not be prepared for winter if it resisted the shedding process, just as life in the Southern hemisphere would never be able to fully recognize its potential for growth by resisting to bloom.

Every change happening right now is happening so that you can be prepared for what's to come.

If life is a balance between holding on and letting go (as Rumi says), the Equinox is the perfect time to find this balance.

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