This Is What You Need to Know About Using Essential Oils In Your Home

Every day, I diffuse essential oils in my home. I actually make my own rosemary essential oil and it smells just lovely in my home. I love it. Lavender and tea tree are a couple other favorites of mine. It really creates a relaxing environment in your home. It's more than just smells though.

Essential oils destress you.

Essential oils are known to improve moods by creating relaxing scents. Lavender is especially good for relaxing. It's so nice to come home to a nice, clean, delightful home.

Essential oils cleanse the air.

Essential oils, like tea tree, lemon, citronella, and rosemary all help combat mold and decrease the toxicity of your hair. Plus your house smells great.

Essential oils help fight off colds.

More moisture in the air makes it harder for colds to survive, and eucalyptus and cinnamon in particular help ease cough and runny nose.

Essential oils help you sleep better.

"The inhalation of essential oils with hypnotic properties may provide a safe and effect therapy for some sleep disturbance" writes the authors of one study on matter.

Essential oils help set the mood.

Hubba hubba! “Ylang-ylang is known for its ability to increase libido, so it's not surprising that newlyweds in Indonesia enter their bridal suites to find their beds covered in ylang-ylang flowers." It's quite the enhancer.

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