Even When You Die & Your Heart Stops Beating, You’re Still Aware Of Your Surroundings, Says Science

“What happens after death?” The afterlife still remains a mystery we have tried to solve with religion and spirituality. However, we might finally have more information about the moments right after the heart stops beating, and it turns out we don’t just pass over right away.

Scientists might have further leaps into the unknown, and what they found might be unsettling. However, knowing what to expect before death, at the moment of death, and afterwards, can help us face the experience when the time comes.

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What Is Death?

Clinically, death marks the moment when your vital organs stop working to keep you alive. However, it’s not always that simple. More often than not, death is part of a longer “dying” process where your body slowly shuts down.

skull on black blackground
Ahmed Adly / Unsplash
Ahmed Adly / Unsplash

First, you take your last breath. Then, your heart stops beating. Then your brain stops working. Soon after that, your organs shut down, and your liver stops. However, this doesn’t all happen instantly. Thinking of death as a series of events that transition the body and mind from a state of being alive to dying, really puts our existence into perspective.