Here is the must see evidence for reincarnation

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Reincarnation is an incredible old belief held by many that you don’t truly die but are reborn repeatedly as someone or something else.

Some believe you can be reborn as a snail or a gazelle, others believe we are repeatedly reborn as humans, and some believe that when we’ve learned all we have to learn in our human vessel, we move on to another spirit plane.

Science has spent years studying children who claim things about their past lives. Sometimes it turns out to be false or just an imaginative child, but other times, the evidence is a little bit stunning.

Check out this video and hear the evidence yourself. It features 2 children who believe they lived over 50 years ago in another life.

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What do you think? Do you believe you’ve lived past lives? Do you have any memories from them? Have you ever dreamed about being someone you’re not? Be sure to sound off in the comments below.

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