Ex-NASA Scientist Is The First Person To Ever Genetically Modify Himself, And Could Change The Fate Of Humanity

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Traditionally, scientists and doctors have devoted their time, and life to studying human anatomy. Up until now, it has been these people that we rely on to manage and cure anything that goes wrong with our physical bodies. But what if there was a way that we could have the same impact on our own selves?

Biohacking refers to the process of performing DIY experiments and treatments on our own biology. This new wave of science has significant effects on the progression of human nature. In fact, one man’s discovery could change humanity as we know it. Here’s why.

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Josiah Zayner AKA: Biohacker

Josiah Zayner, an ex-Nasa Scientist, is famously known as a “biohacker.” This man has made headlines for his continuing contribution to science, being the first person on earth to ever genetically modify himself.

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YouTube / The New York Times
YouTube / The New York Times

Zayner once attempted to clean out his own gut by injecting himself with another person’s faeces, but he wouldn’t stop pushing the boundaries even when it came to human waste. This genius has recently conducted an experiment in front of a live audience that could change the fate of humanity, forever.