5 Signs You're Experiencing A Vibrational Shift

Many people are making a shift away from the standard way of living. They feel as though the underlying principles that govern our culture are false.

They're formed to make us more uniform and remove a lot of the diversity from humanity. What are the signs you're part of this shift?

1. You shy away from harmful habits.

A typical Saturday night might be having a bunch of beers with your pals, chain smoking some American Spirits and chowing down on some burritos from the local 24 hour dive. But last Saturday, you weren't feeling it?

In fact, you found yourself researching pesticides and organic food, as well as putting down the drink. This could be a sign you're beginning to shy away from our current vibration.

2. The world doesn't seem to make sense anymore.

The way elections are run, the way cities operate, the way we work - it doesn't seem to make sense anymore. It all seems so much more complicated than it needs to be.

It's not necessarily that the systems in place are wrong and dysfunctional at its core, but it's evolved into some horrid parody of itself. Sound familiar?

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