5 Signs You're Experiencing A Vibrational Shift

3. You begin feeling compassionate for all beings.

This isn't necessarily going vegan and taking on a do-no-harm-to-anything attitude, but you begin to open your eyes and realize the destructive nature of humanity. Again, you may find yourself online thinking up ways to be a less destructive human.

4. You begin to recognize your own influence.

Each of us can be incredibly influential people, and you're beginning to realize that by taking right action, not just talking a good game, you can be as big of an influence as nearly anyone else.

5. You give more than you take.

You've begun to look around and see major issues. Starvation, poverty, inequality, and Earth's destruction are now in your face. As a result, you want to volunteer and give back some of your salary to worthy causes. It's another strong sign you're feeling the shift.

What do you think? Is your vibration shifting? Let us know in the comments below!

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