What Happens In A Man’s Brain When He Falls In Love, According To Science

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Love is one of the most beautiful and powerful feelings. It can be scary to let it in and be vulnerable enough to let another person have such an impact on us. Once a man is able to finally let himself fall in love, it can become a source of extreme joy that makes him want to make the woman he’s fallen for feel like the queen of the world. But what exactly happens in his brain that encourages this shift? It all comes down to chemicals and hormones.

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They Feel “High” Like A Drug

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Freddie Marriage / Unsplash

Freddie Marriage / Unsplash

The beginning of the relationship can be its most exciting as all the chemicals released into the brain feel new and addicting. It’s like the first taste of a drug. It always releases the biggest high the first time. The same way at the beginning of a relationship, the brain produces a very high level of natural amphetamine that makes a man feel like he’s high on love.

The rush of this feeling increases their energy and puts an extra sprint in their step. It’s why men are often most attentive and affectionate in the beginning stages. Just like with substance addiction, once the brain has a taste, it starts to crave more and looks for the source (the woman they’re falling for) to get more of that “reward” feeling. The more they interact with the woman they love, the more the “reward” feeling in the center of the brain is activated.