8 Ways You Can Express Your Unconditional Love With Your Partner

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Sometimes when you’re in a relationship or partnership with someone you love, it can be hard to express your love for them in a way that they’ll recognize. After all, everyone has unique love languages, traits, language, and expectations surrounding how to show and receive love. When you love someone deeply and unconditionally, it’s important to show them that love in a way that’s meaningful and recognizable to them.

And while it may seem like showing love should come naturally, it’s actually an art that can be practiced and perfected. Here are 8 ways you can express your love to your partner:

1. Grow through your disagreements.

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Pexels / Leah Kelley
Pexels / Leah Kelley

Every couple goes through disagreements and arguments. It’s normal and can be healthy when done properly. Believe it or not, you can actually express your love to your partner through these disagreements and arguments.

Learning to fight better is a powerful way to express your love. Rather than allow the arguments to pull you apart, use them to learn more about your partner and grow together as a couple through the experience. Take every disagreement as a learning opportunity to strengthen your relationship and your partner will feel your love through it.

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2. Learn their love language and speak it often.

Every person feels and expresses love differently, but there are 5 primary “love languages” that people lean towards in expressing and feeling love. Discovering which love language your partner has is key to ensuring they truly feel your love on a regular basis.

Once you know what love language they have, make an effort to speak to them in that language. Here are some ways to express love for each of the love languages:

Acts of Service: Do chores, errands, and tasks for them that they may not want to do themselves.

Physical Touch: Give them a rub on the back, a pat on the shoulder, or a nuzzle on the neck in passing.

Quality Time: Make a date for just the two of you to spend time together. Leave your phone at home and focus on being fully present.

Gifts: Grab them a little gift on your way home from the store. Surprise them randomly with something you know they’d love. It doesn’t have to be their birthday or Christmas to give gifts and express your love.

Words of Affirmation: Remind them daily how beautiful or kind they are, how great they look, how much you love them. Speak kind words and compliments of your love and they’ll hear you on a deep level.

3. Be painfully honest.

Speak your truth and hold space for them to speak their truth. Creating a painfully honest environment allows you to speak the truths of your heart, including your unconditional love. And with such an honest space, it’s likely your partner will truly believe and cherish your honesty and feel your love.

4. Share your excitement for your future together.

Don’t hold back about expressing your excitement for your future together. If you’re thinking of marriage, kids, vacations, career shifts, etc., share your thoughts and feelings with your partner – and make sure to include them in future scenarios.

This affirms your desire to stay with your partner and your love for them and your time and life together.

5. Show pride in them.

Did they get a promotion at work? Achieve a fitness goal they’ve worked hard for? Make a new friend? Whatever it is, show pride in them for their accomplishments and achievements.

Rather than get jealous, get excited and proud for your partner and ooze these feelings all over them! It’ll show them your true love.

6. Hold space for them to be emotionally vulnerable.

Foster an open atmosphere that allows for emotional vulnerability. Hold space for your partner to simply be, in whatever emotional state they may be experiencing. Hold them tight, or give them space (whatever they need in the moment).

By being there and being open to their emotions without judgement, you’re expressing unconditional love.

7. Ask them for advice and opinions.

Show that you care deeply about their opinions and advice by asking for their opinions and advice! It’ll make them feel heard, valued, and loved.

8. Speak highly of them when they’re not around.

When you’re talking to your family, friends, or coworkers, make sure to speak highly of your partner. Let everyone know your love for them. Everyone should know you’re in a relationship with someone you love and respect deeply – and that will eventually get back to them.

How you speak of them to others when they’re not around is a clear way to really show your partner your love. Though indirect, it’s effective and powerful.

There are many ways to express your love to your partner. Finding the ways that work for you and your loved one is the most important key in making sure you’re both seen and heard.

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