Only People With EXTREME Patience Can Find All The B's In This Image

Learning how to be patient is a skill that is hard to master for a lot of people, especially for those who have short fuses. But, patience is something that is highly valuable in many walks of life.

Not only does it show people that you're in control of your emotions, but that you're not easily thrown from your calm.

Patience isn't something that most people readily see in others, because patience is a virtue that acts silently. It crops up in those moments when we're irritated or annoyed. When we're upset or angry. When we're tired and exhausted.

Patience is wanting to change your life for the better, but knowing that it's not going to happen overnight.

Patience is something we can practice almost every day, because each day is ripe with frustrations and adversities. What's even cooler about patience is that it says something about who we are as people.

Did you know patient people tend to have healthier minds? They also tend to be great friends and siblings, and they achieve the goals that they set for themselves.

There are many ways for us to cultivate patient thought processes, habits and rituals.

We can reframe the unfortunate situations we find ourselves in into something positive.

We can practice being mindful of all of the things that we're feeling in the moment so we can respond in a positive manner. And we can practice being grateful for what we have, instead of searching for things we think we need.

We can also take quizzes and tests like the one here to help challenge the mind in patient ways.

Think you can find every 'b' in the quiz here. It might sound simple, but not only does it test your patience, but it tests your visual acuity.

Give it a try! And be sure to share with friends and family so they can test their patience as well!

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