10 Common Traits Of Extremely Smart People That Have Nothing To Do With Intelligence

Mental proficiency and ability can be categorized in different ways. A popular manner is 'book smarts' and 'street smarts'. 'Book smarts' refers to academically focused mind, good at abstract thought, but bad at common sense and simple relationships.

'Street smarts' is the opposite strong common sense, good with real world situations, but bad at academic study. There is a group of people that fit within both groups. These people are truly intelligent and use their brilliance to adapt and grow as needed to any situation.

Their Mind Operates In Constant Flux

Different perspectives and states of mind have different strengths and weaknesses. They keep themselves purposely uncertain on their desires, ambitions, thoughts and emotions. They know that uncertainty can breed possibility. They won't get stuck in a mind set and limit their potential and future prospects.

They Think Before They Speak

They pause and give real, conscious thought to the question and their answer. They don't use any 'gimmick' like wit or clever attitudes to answer a question. They take the time they need.

They Aim To Contribute

Genuinely intelligent people add to conversations and break silences only if they feel it is a worthwhile contribution. They don't speak to fill the silence, they do it too because they genuinely believe the people who can hear it will benefit from it. If they have nothing insightful or awesome to say then, they say nothing.

They Think For Themselves

Smart people don't let other people's ideas mold control their reality. They understand that everyone is human and therefore fallible. They now that the majority is not always right. Conformity doesn't happen so they can fit in.

They Are Not Afraid To Be Wrong

Truly intelligent people understand that mistakes happen and that's alright. A smart individual will actively reign in his or her ego, admitting fault and occasionally stupid decisions.

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