3 Things Extroverted Introverts Wish Everyone Knew

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Extroverted Introverts are one of the lesser of personality archetypes laid out by Carl Jung. We have qualities of both extroverted and introverted personalities.

I’m just as likely to go out with friends, as stay in with movie or book. It depends on not only my mood but what book or movie, which friends, how tired I am, etc. While Extroverted Introverts are not as widely discussed, they make up the mid ground and make up a large statistic of the population.

We Are Prone To Disappear, But We Always Come Back

A hand reaching up towards the sky.
Unsplash / Jeremy Perkins
Unsplash / Jeremy Perkins

After being the life of the parties, working, playing, traveling, and engaging; we need to recharge. The best way for this to happen is when we are by ourselves. We may kidnap a friend to take with us but, only every so often. It takes us longer than our introverted friends to reach our limit, but it happens. We have to rebalance and recharge, so that we can be the social, positive, charming and productive selves again. Don’t take it personally, it’s not to avoid anyone in particular, it’s to spend time with ourselves and the universe exclusively.