How Many Faces Can You Find In This Painting? If You Can Find Them All Your Brain Is Amazing!

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The human brain is a very impressive organ, and I say that without human bias as much as I can. The central processing unit for all outgoing and incoming data. The fact that it handles so much information, about 174 newspapers worth, without blowing up or something ridiculous is amazing.

The complexity and intricacy of this organ make it a bit of a mystery. The K Supercomputer, the fourth most powerful computer on Earth, eats up about a petabyte (1,000,000 gigabytes)to map one second of activity in the human brain. The process takes it around forty minutes.

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The manner in which brains interpret the world around us can vary heavily from person to person. Each person has different variations of general neural pathways. twenty people can view a street scene and each one will notice different aspects of the scene.

This difference in sight and perception is a fascinating subject and is influenced by many personal aspects. Psychology, anatomy, upbringing, and intuition are just a few of the influences that color our perception.

Below is a optical illusion that takes advantage of this difference. Made by Mexican artist Octavio Ocampo, this illustration (The General’s Family) has nine different faces in it.

As you examine it, try to watch yourself looking for the faces. Notice how your brain switches gears in perception to see them all. If you can’t see them all don’t beat yourself up, your brain may be too busy to notice all of them.

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