Fake People Don't Surprise Me Anymore

3 Simple Ways To Identify A Secret Narcissist

It can be difficult to spot a narcissist. They're often most like chameleons, changing their appearance and interests to suit you.

They want to form a fast bond so they can use you. Here's how to spot them.

1. Watch how they talk about their things.

Narcissists will discuss their designer products, their income, how much they have, and do it all to hint that they're better than everyone else.

If you take pride in living a good, decent life, that's one thing. But if they're showing pride in just having more money than you, chances are, you have a secret narcissist.

2. Watch how they move.

Narcissists move quickly. They show fake interest in you, build trust as fast as they can, and try to form a bond with you. This lets them use you emotionally for their own gains.

Take note of how your friends feel too. They are often able to spot self-interested behavior before you because of their vantage point.

3. Watch how they act.

Narcissists are seducers. They use spirituality, emotions, and even physical appearance to seduce you and make you play their game.

They get he attention of people who can further their needs and give them the validation that they se deeply desire.

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