5 Wonderful Traits All Introverts Share

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1. They’re amazing listeners.

A greyscale image of two women sitting at a picnic table, talking.
Unsplash / Metin Ozer
Unsplash / Metin Ozer

Introverts are well known for being excellent listeners. They like to hear what the people in their lives have to say more than talking themselves. They’re the best listeners.

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2. They enjoy deep conversations.

Introverts aren’t hateful people, but if they hate one thing, it’s small talk. Introverts like to get right to the heart of a conversation. They like to have deep, meaningful conversations.

3. They like to improve themselves.

Introverts are inwardly focused thinkers. They try to identify areas they can improve and do what they can to be better.

It’s a bad idea to try to change someone you’re with romantically. Being with someone who betters themselves of their own accord is awesome.

4. They’re realistic.

Their feet are firmly planted on the Earth and their heads are nowhere near the clouds. This makes them great sounding boards for ideas. They’ll listen, (see #1) and tell you honestly what they think.

5. They enjoy intimate connections.

When faced with the opportunity to go to a big party or two stay at home or go to a quiet shop and talk to you, they’ll pick the latter every time. They love those types of intimate connections.

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