Families don't get together like they used to

6 Ways To Deal With Dysfunctional Family Members

1. Always find your center before interactions.

This one might actually be the hardest on the list. Take some time before you have to interact with dysfunctional family members and center yourself.

Do some deep breathing and meditation. Envision the way you want to act and the attitude you'll have while in the situation.

2. Keep your conversations light and polite.

It can be hard to do, but it's important to keep conversations with your family members light and polite.

Be happy! Talk about awesome things happening in your lives as opposed to any drama, past or present. And if that doesn't seem to work...

3. Leave the conversation.

That's right. Don't like the conversation you're having? Don't participate in it.

If you're trying to be a beacon of positivity, sometimes it's all a matter of walking away from the negativity and finding someone you can be positive with.

4. Don't level accusations.

This could also be called "don't be a drama queen." If you have concerns, express them! But don't accuse your family of doing one thing or another.

5. Don't seek to please your family.

Seriously, if they don't support you or have nasty feelings toward you, that's entirely their problem. You just be you. You don't have to change yourself to deal with your dysfunctional family.

6. Focus on the good.

At the end of the day, even the most dysfunctional people have their good qualities. Focus in on those, make light of them, and you'll be able to make it through any dysfunctional family interaction.

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