Beautiful Moment as 88-year-old father reunites with his 53-year-old son with Down Syndrome

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Here is some heart melting footage that shows the moment a father is reunited after a week apart from his son, who has Down Syndrome.

Matt Cobrink, 53, normally lives in Los Angeles with his father Malcolm, who is 88. However, Matt was flown to New York in order to meet his favorite MLB player, Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees.

This trip was a great experience for Matt, but it meant he would have to be away from his father for almost a week for the first time in 25 years, since his mother died.

Matt’s sister Marcy was able to record the moment when father and son were reunited. She knew how much Matt missed his father.

In the video below, you can see Matt rushing down the escalator and taking a sharp turn at the end to find his father. He almost tripped with excitement!

Get ready to have your heart melted! Check out the video here:

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