10 Things All Fearless Alpha Women Do Differently From Other Women

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Some women set risky goals, radiate self-respect, and unapologetically seem to know their true worth. They’re Alpha women and they’re not afraid to put themselves first and achieve big things in doing so. On the deepest level, they know that if they work hard, they can make their dreams a reality. They put their heads down and grind, but they also know the importance of having fun.

Alpha women are truly phenomenal. Here are 10 things that make them stand out:

1. They Have Deep Self-Respect

close up of the face of woman with freckles with brown eyes
Houcine Ncib / Unsplash
Houcine Ncib / Unsplash

They respect themselves enough to keep their standards high and aim for the stars. They know their self worth and they’re comfortable investing in themselves and actually feel good about doing so.

They don’t hold onto relationships or people that don’t respect them back and avoid situations that don’t align with their values.